Since ancient times, Alanya has a combination of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman cultures, annually attracts millions of tourists with its history and natural beauty.

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  • Alanya
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  • 1582.00 km2
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The city of Alanya has developed over the centuries as a historical and resort city due to its Mediterranean position. Alanya is a favorite tourist destination with rich architecture, culture and attractions. This city is distinguished not only by its history, but also by the Mediterranean climate and beaches.
While many vacationers in Alanya enjoy soft sand, warm and clear water, and a shining sun, others prefer to explore the culture. The architecture of Alanya you can find in and around the castle. The history of the fortress of Alanya dates back to 1226. Around the castle you can see the Byzantine church, the Suleymaniye mosque and  one of the best preserved examples of Ottoman architecture.  At the bottom of the castle, in the port you can find Kızıl Kule. This red tower is 33 meters high and has a  ethnographic city museum. Alanya's status in Turkish culture as a port city makes it a popular venue for festivals. Spring begins with the festival of tourism and the arts and ends with the international festival of culture and the arts. If your vacation falls on September, then you can dance at a jazz festival or attend the Alayna Stone Sculptures symposium in November.
Holidays in Alaniyad are ideal for those who want to see the coastal area with historical and cultural attractions.