Kalbajar, rich in fertile soil and healing waters, is a land of human settlements and beauties, measured by centuries of history.

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Kalbajar is an ancient settlement with an amazing history and the world-famous healing water "Istisu".

Everyone who has seen this region has appreciated its beauty. V. Abikh, who is considered to be the father of Caucasian geology, was one of them. His opinion of Kalbajar is distinguished by the originality and uniqueness compared to the assessments given to Kalbajar so far. He said: "A traveler can say that Switzerland is beautiful unless he or she does not see the area along the Tartar River."

Kalbajar, located in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, has the status of the highest mountain region of Azerbaijan and is famous for its many Albanian historical monuments. Located in the west of Azerbaijan, in the valley of the Tartar River, in the Greater Caucasus Mountains, at an altitude of 1500-3800 meters above sea level.  There were many monuments reflecting Albanian architecture and history in Kalbajar. The most magnificent example of Albanian culture is the Khudavand temple complex, located in the territory of the region. The complex was built by the Albanian prince in the VI-VII century and became a religious temple of the Albanian principality in the XV century.

The other historical monuments are Galaboynu fortress in Galaboynu village of Kalbajar region, Albanian temple in Vang village, Albanian church in Charakdar village, Lok fortress in Ganlikend village, Ulukhan fortress in Garachanli village, Jomard fortress in Jomard village, Albanian church located at the junction of Tartar river and Bulanig river, Keshickhi tower in Jamishli village, The mosque in the village Otagli, the Taglitash bridge over the Tartar River in the village of Soyugbulag. 

Much of the region with wonderful nature is covered with trees. Kalbajar is not only one of the largest regions of Azerbaijan, but also is distinguished by the beautiful nature and favorable relief.  İmportant mercury reserves are industrially located in Shorbulag and Agyatag of the Kalbajar region. There are Alagoller, Garagol, Zalkha, and other lakes. The total area of forests is comprised of about 30,000 hectares. Its rich culture and amazing nature have always made a lasting impression on visitors. What makes the region famous is the presence of mineral deposits with balneological effects, such as Keshdek, Garasu, Mozchay, Bagirsag, Gotursu. One of them is the Istisu mineral water spring. World-renowned chemists prefer the Istisu mineral spring to the famous Czech Karlovy Vary mineral water due to its rich composition. 

Kalbajar, occupied by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia in 1993, handed over the Kalbajar region to the liberated Azerbaijani Armed Forces on November 25, according to the peace agreement signed on November 10, 2020.

According to the statement, it was decided to hand it over on November 15, but at the request of the Armenian side through Azerbaijan from Russia, this period was extended until November 25. The reason for this is the complexity of the terrain, the size of the area, and humanism. İllegally settled Armenian population left the region, they carried out ecological terrorist activities against Azerbaijan, burning houses and forests.

Armenians who left the area burned their houses and forests.  As a result of the occupation of Kalbajar, in order to erase the historical traces of our people, Armenian vandals destroyed and looted the material and spiritual heritage and architectural monuments of Azerbaijani culture in order to falsify history.

Kalbajar will be the main choice for tourists in the future due to its nature, beauty, and healing mineral springs. Kalbajar, with its mountainous terrain, has great potential for ecotourism, mountaineering, and hiking trails.