Cuisine of Ganja

Ganja cuisine is distinguished by its unique dishes.

Ganja baklava is usually made in different cities and regions of the country on the eve of the Novruz holiday, engagements, and weddings. Ganja baklava differs from baklava cooked in other regions by its size and the spices added to it. Ganja baklava is usually cooked in a copper tray, on embers, and cut into large diamonds.

The first dish that comes to mind when talking about Ganja cuisine is the famous Ganja dovga. The main thing that distinguishes it from other regions is that it is made of buffalo yogurt. Ganja dolma (cabbage dolma with vinegar-juice), lamb sweets are distinguished with a special taste.

Nazik, the most popular dessert in Ganja, is a fatty sweet bread usually baked on holidays.