The city with its winding streets, squares and historical monuments, mosques, caravanserais is a great place for urban recreation. Planning a vacation from the city is quite simple. About 150 km from Ganja is one of the most amazing natural attractions in the world. The Gay Gel Nature Reserve is a natural complex consisting of a breathtaking landscape of mountains and 7 interconnected turquoise lakes. The lakes were formed as a result of the earthquake of 1136, and Gay Gel and the forest landscape of its surroundings are famous all over the world for their natural wealth and charm. In 1925, a nature reserve was established on the territory. In addition, the world-famous Naftalan medical resort is located 58 km from Ganja.

In Ganja, there are options for any budget ranging from large luxury hotels to small All-inclusive hotels, city boarding houses and hostels for tourists. You can book the best hotel here to be sure of the best offers and services.

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