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Gusar Olympic Hotel and Cottages

Gusar Olympic Hotel and Cottages Villa

Hotel questions

Unlock insights into your accommodation queries with our comprehensive FAQ section. From booking procedures to amenities and beyond, we address all your concerns to ensure a seamless experience. Dive into the details and embark on your journey with confidence.

Are group reservations different from regular reservations?

If you want to book more than 5 rooms, then you should fill out this form in order to send it to the booking department.

All rates are inclusive of tax. However, you can look to the hotel for more detailed information.

If a hotel has an Exclusive prepaid reservation a voucher will be generated upon payment from your credit card. Voucher Confirmation Page will be sent to you by email.

All non pre-paid bookings, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your reservation.

 Regular check-in is at 2.00 pm. But some hotels you can register early, but we can’t guarantee that your room will be ready by then. You can leave your bag at the reception and go explore the destination!

Yes, late check-in is always possible. There is solution even forthe hotels that are not staffed 24/7. You just arrive at a hotel, you can check yourself in by using the self-service check in machine by the entrance. If you need any assistance , please contact us. We will help you all the way in any way possible!

Check-in  for all guests is from 14.00, check-out is until 12.00.

All smoking is not allowed inside the hotels, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t smoke outside. If you smoke inside the hotel, If you touch the smoke detector, an alert will be sent directly to the chief of the fire department.

At hotel’s page you can find information about served breakfast.

All lost items Will keep for a period of 4 weeks. Items with serial numbers (examples of electronic devices), jewelry, and other assets are brought to the Lost property office. Everything else is donated to the charity after 4 weeks.

If you have forgotten something at the hotel, please contact us, send us an e-mail with the indication of your name, stayover dates, room number, as well as the description of the lost item.

Thanks to its cosmopolitan nature, Baku offers all kinds of cuisine. In addition to the national cuisine, you can enjoy original European, Asian, and Oriental cuisine. There are restaurants serving Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, English, American and Turkish cuisine. It is recommended to taste local cuisine when traveling to the regions. It is recommended to visit the place section of the site to choose the place.

Yes, we have a hotel reservation service for this. We will present the best option for you, so you can discover all the sights on your route without wasting time.

You can find a cafe and restaurant that fits your budget by entering the places section.

Please be patient while we process your request.