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What is served?

International, local and authentic cuisine is being served in the dining facilities.

You can refer to the page of place to download the menu or use the phone camera to scan the QR code. 

You can visit the restaurant page for the location as well as use the map located on the restaurant page.

Operational hours depend of the meal periods served at the restaurant (refer to the page). Working hours of the places (museum/places of interest) can be found on their designated page.

The reviews can be read on the place page under the dedicated location.

You can make a reservation online via Frisaga or at the place upon arrival.

You can pay online by using the credit card details or upon arrival at the given place.

If the order is made online, it will be guaranteed on your behalf and you can provide the confirmation number upon arrival.

Please review the cancellation and now show policy of the place you intend to visit.

You can use the confirmation number provided to you and present at the counter/entrance accordingly.

You will receive the notification to the email address provided upon registration.

You will receive notification upon any modification on your order.

Cancellation and/or no show policy differs per place. Please refer to the given policy of the place you intend to visit.

Please refer to the contact details given on the places page.

Please refer to the rate plan of your choice. In case if the place defined the rate plan nonrefundable then it is not possible to proceed with any amendments.

Discount policy is defined individually by each place and applicable accordingly. For more information, please contact the place you intend to visit.

Special privilege policy is defined individually by each Place and applicable accordingly. For more information, please contact the Place you intend to visit.

Individual requests are qualified by the Place separately and dedicated contact person is assigned for organization of special occasions.

Please be patient while we process your request.