Being the center of Shirvanshahs Khanate since the middle of XVIII century, it is known as carpet weaving center and the nearest city to Great Silk Road. The city itself is fascinating and historical, with small medieval streets that are wonderful places for walking. One of the most visited places for tourists visiting Shamakhi is Pirgulu village. At present, in the village of Pirgulu, One of the world's largest Astrophysical observatories named after N.Tusi is located. The mountainous village of Pirgulu is a great place for lovers of winter holidays.

In Shamakhi, in a mountainous region, you can go on a horseback riding tour and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is quite easy to plan a vacation from the city. So, from here it is possible to easily visit the Greater Caucasus zone. Also here there is a wide range of options, from self-service to budget hotels and luxury hotel and spa complexes. During the peak summer season, the city receives a significant number of tourists. You can book The Best Hotel in this section to be sure of the most favorable price deals and services.

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