Sheki is sometimes described as an "open-air museum". Sheki itself is a museum, even just a walk through the streets will give you a pleasant experience.

The city of Sheki is an ancient and modern city, suitable enough for a family holiday or a weekend break. In one day, you can see architectural monuments and examples of crafts, types of art, the history of which has more than three millennia. Shaki is considered a photogenic city in Azerbaijan, tourists should visit it at least once. The city attracts with its originality and cuisine. Your vacation will be a pleasure from the beginning to the end of your stay in Sheki.

In Sheki there are options for any budget ranging from large luxury hotels to small All-inclusive hotels, city boarding houses and hostels. You can book the best hotel here to be sure of the most reasonable prices and services. Unlike many other places, in Sheki you can stay in ancient caravanserais and feel the historicity.

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