Elchin Asgarov

Elchin Asgarov Blog Author

As a director of the FRISAGA, I use fresh ideas to make your travels, vacations an unforgettable experience.

I am Elchin Asgarov who was born in 1985 in Baku. After graduation from Baku State University, I started a career in the tourism industry back in 2004.  My first experience was with OTI Holding / Odeon Tours, one of the largest tourism companies in Turkey. In order to pursue the career goals and enrich the experience in the field, I held various positions in Antalya, Turkey, and thereafter in Pattaya, Thailand for the period of 2004-2012. Since 2014, I have gained experience and worked in the United Arab Emirates. After working at TUI Group, the world's largest tourism company for the duration of 2 years between 2017-2019, I decided to start up a tourism technology company, The FRISAGA, that will attract the attention of the whole world. Along with Azerbaijan, the whole world will be able to easily use the services of FRISAGA.

The main goal of FRISAGA tourism technology is to revive the Hospitality, Travel, and Hotel industry by making the Services more accessible to users.