What time Shall I Check in to the Hotel?
What time Shall I Check in to the Hotel?

What time Shall I Check in to the Hotel?

Every traveler has ever asked the question what if I arrive at the hotel earlier than stated on the confirmation letter. Can I check in to the hotel at any time?

How early will it be possible to get the room keys and get rid of the flight, traffic stress and finally relax in the room, change clothes and start the journey? Do hotels charge for early arrivals? Do the hotels allow online check in? How friendly the set-up is made and will it guarantee no any hassle at the hotel? Is there additional charge for early arrival and if Yes, how much? 

The economic system of the countries developed unique opponents to make their travel arrangements more flexible to tourists. You can compete against them and make more appealing options if there are any available ones in order to grant a flexible time option for your guests.

What are the challenges the traveler face when every hotel has different arrival policy and procedure? Should the arrival time be set on country level and regulated by the Government Authorities? Is it good or bad to have different arrival timing? Will the hotels in the given market be competitive to each other due to this procedure? Will natural shift of guests be observed? How relevant and beneficial is the role of the arrival time for the guest travel planning?

In every sector, the demand for high-quality customer service is rising quite a lot, but always in hospitality. Travelers want to monitor and enjoy their trip according to their schedule. This is in contrast with the general pattern in which guests are expected to check in and check out in the afternoon. Some hotels, for example, may require visitors to check in from 2 pm to 10 a.m. However, some others in order to improve the guest experience or support the RevPAR growth by allowing guests to consume more on your BB property or increase the direct bookings and shift the bookers to your website can follow 24 hours check-in policy that could be taken seriously where applicable.

The common arrival time at the hotel is set as 2pm and departure at 12noon. However this procedure might vary in some hotels as 3-4pm for the check-in and 10-11 am for the check out. This could depend on the lodging unit classification, location, features as well as number of the inventory available. Some hotels in resort destination can set the time to 3-4pm in order to clean up the room, upkeep and maintain the fresh look for the arriving guests. In the meantime it is very important to communicate the arrival time to the hotel so smooth pre-arrival planning and the room assignment is made in advance.

Typically guests are advised about check-in and check-out times, which are generally understood. However, various provisions will also be made for early check-in or late check-out between the hotel and the guest.

When you confirm your arrival, you can arrive at any time, even after midnight, after that point without any trouble. Sometimes it's not up to the discretion of the Front Office associate whether or not you should move your check-in time up. The occasional Hotel also refuses to apply for early check-in and let the guest wait until the dedicated time. 

Early arrival, if inevitable due to the flight details or travel plan, can be granted on complimentary basis or at certain amount or percentage linked to the rate of the day or rate the guest booked the room at. This of course can be communicated and configured via mobile apps, on website, through loyalty platforms to make it more user friendly and accessible.

Sometimes if you arrive earlier at the hotel you may use the trick of asking any available room even if it is lower room category than booked. Just try your luck to see if you can get the room for free until the regular check-in time and then make the room move to the booked room type. 

This procedure is turning into a trend, not just in the smaller local or regular non-chain hotels. This is applicable at the famous brands such as Accor, IHG, Wyndham, Hilton, Marriott and other Hotels Company. It's another method of getting incremental revenue for your property.

Visitors typically benefit from modern technologies and definitely like options. As far as the check-in is concerned, visitors can save on something that supports it. And availing information for the services online provides guest with news and updates related to any property. 

The hotels oriented more on the guest experience, service excellence and building the loyalty and trust for their guests approach this procedure from the different prospective – the earlier guest arrive the longer they stay at the hotel and you take this opportunity as a blessing to provide the guests with meaningful gift, memorable experience as well as harmonized mind and soul.