How to travel to Azerbaijan on a budget?
How to travel to Azerbaijan on a budget?

How to travel to Azerbaijan on a budget?

Many people think that traveling is expensive. While this is true to some extent, it is possible to travel to Azerbaijan with a limited budget. In fact, with the right advice and planning, you can easily discover the country of Azerbaijan without going over your budget!

The best way to travel to Azerbaijan on a budget is to travel. Thus, you can discover the country in an easy and cheap way, saving money on housing. This is the best way to travel to Azerbaijan on a budget! 

The Best time to travel to Azerbaijan 

Azerbaijan is one of the most beautiful countries for the whole year, but different seasons offer different impressions and price tags! 

The most expensive time to visit Azerbaijan in the summer months. This is the busiest time of the year for tourists, so attractions, car rentals, and hotel prices are a bit high. You do not need to worry about this, because through Frisaga you can get the best price for services. Frisaga is the first online site to offer discounts.

 In order to start a budget trip, you need to pay attention to several things. 

Car rental tips

 By choosing a budgetary car rental company, you can make a suitable deal. 

Be sure to get also to travel insurance. Because the most effective way to protect yourself from additional expenses while traveling is to get insurance. Good travel insurance will cover your expenses in case of problems! You can get travel insurance at Frisaga Services. Finally, be sure to book your car as early as possible! Because the best deals are always sold first. 

Where can you stay?

Once you find the car, it's time to find out where to spend the night! For those, who are traveling on a budget in Azerbaijan, hostels, 3-star hotels, and guest houses are the best choices.

You will find budgetary hostels and hotels in all tourist cities of Azerbaijan. Prices for a one-bedroom in a hostel, the number of bedrooms in the room, and the amenities offered by the hostel range from 25 to 40 AZN. 

You can easily find budgetary hotels and hostels by booking from In the regions, there is an additional opportunity to stay in guesthouses. This type of accommodation offers you the opportunity to get to know the locals, culture, and cuisine of the region. 

Instructions for saving money  

Here are some other budget-saving tips that I want to share with you before starting your trip. It will be useful to know in advance:

Use sites: You can save money by using sites that offer special promotions and offers. The Frisaga website is a great choice for finding tours and discounts, the site offers money-saving at the selected restaurants as well.

There are many free activities in the country that will help you to keep your budget. Traveling to Azerbaijan means enjoying nature, so the best places in Azerbaijan are very accessible! If you travel by car and drive through the tourist areas, there are countless places worth seeing. 

Here are some of the best free things you can do: A yacht trip in Baku is not free, but a very popular activity. In addition, you can join excursions and get acquainted with the historical, natural, and cultural monuments of Baku and its environs.

Enjoy the Beach: The beaches on the Caspian Sea coast are stunning and the public beaches are almost free! If you travel to Lankaran, you can relax on the black sandy beaches and the beaches surrounded by forest in Nabran.

Visiting waterfalls: There are dozens of waterfalls in Azerbaijan. They are located mainly in the northern regions of the country. Afurja waterfall in Guba, Laza waterfall in Gabala, as well as the highest Mujukh waterfall in Zagatala and Balakan regions of the country within 2 hours drive from Baku. 

Caves dating back to millennia: These caves are mainly found in the southern regions of the country.

Reserves: there are dozens of reserves in the country, many of which are completely free. Here you can get to know the flora and fauna of the country. 

The outcome

The advantage of traveling to Azerbaijan is that everyone can enjoy the beauty of their country by having a small budget. Going on a car trip, taking a walk, and discovering nature is truly the best activity in Azerbaijan!