BMW Automobile brand

BMW is a German company that produces premium cars and motorcycles.

Its headquarters is located in Munich, and the story begins in 1917 when Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto founded their own plant for the production of Bayerische Motoren Werke aircraft engines - BMW. In order to expand the company in 1928, the company acquired the car factories in Eisenach. In the same year, it buys a license to manufacture fuel-efficient Dixi cars. Today the company produces high-quality solid cars. Its good-quality cars are popular all over the world. Cars of this concern have become a symbol of German quality and reliability. In 1987, Roberto Raviglia won first prize in the World Touring Car Championship in a BMW M3. The company produced its first crossover in 1999 - the BMW X5, which was distinguished by impressive ground clearance and sporty handling, typical for passenger cars.  

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