Volkswagen Automobile brand

Volkswagen is a German automotive concern with the main production facilities in Wolsburg.

The first Volkswagen cars rolled off the assembly line in 1935. Exactly 3 years later, the construction of the largest car plant in Europe began, where the world-famous Volkswagen Beetle cars were subsequently produced. From that moment on, the company started to develop rapidly. In 1965, the company bought the Audi business from Daimler-Benz. So the famous Volkswagen-Audi or VAG concern was founded. Later, the Volkswagen plant, which cars were already among the 5 most popular in the world, expanded with such well-known brands as Bentley, Skoda, SEAT, and Lamborghini. The 70s were the most fruitful years for Volkswagen. The cars beat all sales records and received warm approval not only from consumers but also from experts. At the same time, the company's specialists have developed Volkswagen Golf, Passat, and Scirocco cars.

The new generation of cars began with the front-wheel-drive Passat, which the world saw in 1973. Volkswagen Golf I cars, which appeared in 1974, became the benchmark in the golf class (according to the international classification C-class). Today Volkswagen has built its own factories in many countries around the world. It produces cars under the brands Audi, SEAT, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and, of course, Volkswagen - cars that are reliable, comfortable, and affordable.