History of Lankaran

Lankaran is one of the oldest settlements of Azerbaijan. Archaeological excavations in the region confirm that these places were inhabited by people from the Bronze Age, between III and II millennium BC.

The Greek historian Herodotus mentions this city in his writings, which proves that Lankaran is an ancient city. The Talish khanate was established here in the 18th century. During the reign of Kara Khan, the capital was moved from Astara to Lankaran. The city began to expand. The economic, political, and cultural life of the khanate had grown, and the production of iron, copper, and jewelry had increased.

Its favorable economic and geographical position, charming nature, extensive connections, location on the main caravan routes connecting the West and the East have greatly accelerated its development.

Dozens of historical monuments remain on the territory to this day. These include House of Isa Khan, Tomb of Seyid Khalifa, the Grand Bazaar mosque, the house of Mir Ahmed Khan, the Lankaran Mayak, Lam, Boladi Village (1798),  Xan Evi (Khan Palace), Tomb of Sheikh Zahid, Ballabur Castle