Helicopter tour

Helicopter tour

Explore natural scenery, architecture, museums, and other attractions from the air. We provide helicopter transfers from Baku to elsewhere in the country.

Our helicopter flights from Baku will take you in different directions. To hire a helicopter is very simple. For this, you need to book your flight and send us all the information we need. The provided helicopters vary in size with the capacity to carry up to seven passengers. There is also a space for luggage, but it differs depending on the size of the helicopter rented.

You can conduct one-day helicopter tours in Baku. Please make sure that you are traveling safely and comfortably during your flight. 

Furthermore, you can use the service either for business purposes or for leisure activities by transferring the helicopter from the airports to ski resorts, events, and sports stadiums. Helicopters are allowed to access remote areas and downtown areas with runways, access to venue hotels and private property is carried out under permission of the venue. 

Hiring a helicopter also saves time and money spent on different modes of transportation to reach a remote or crowded area.