Categories of hotels
Categories of hotels

Categories of hotels

People preparing for a vacation are faced with different categories when looking for a suitable hotel or place and do not know the explanation of it.

As Frisaga Company, we collect, research, prepare and bring to the attention information that will be useful to you. Reading the information prepared for you will make your choice easier and prevent the loss of extra time.

Let's get acquainted with the features of hotel categories:

Features of the beach hotels

Beach hotels are often distinguished by the distance from the sea.

The first coastline hotels are located directly on the coast, there is a road located between the hotel itself and the beach, which are second coastline hotels.

City Hotel is a hotel located in a resort town very far from the coast, which can be reached by walking or using transport to the beach.

Turkey there is a category of club hotels (Holiday Village), which generally offer accommodation in cottages. They are distinguished by good animation, a large green area, small rooms.


Category HV1 corresponds to approximately 4 * or 5 * category hotels. Accommodation in cottages (bungalows), spacious and well-maintained area, but with small rooms.


The HV2 category corresponds to a 2 * or 3 * hotel and is similar to the HV1. Most common in Europe. These are hotels located in Spanish and Portuguese historic buildings. Typically, this category of hotels can be an old historical place or a medieval castle turned into a hotel. The concept is to allow the traveler to immerse themselves in history and feel the traditional atmosphere. For a moment you will feel like a witness to history.

chambres d'hôtes

It is an interesting and very specific French-style living room. These are country houses located in picturesque places, usually owned by vineyard owners. It can be a large castle or a very small farm. Usually, in these categories of houses, several rooms are offered for rent. In general, it is similar to the family atmosphere, and the main "attraction" is the presence of nature around the house and the presentation of local wine at the table for dinner. The level of comfort of this type of room is very different as well as the price. Remember to read the information carefully when booking.

Guest House

Guesthouses are a type of room that is widely used by Europeans. "Starless" places are well known by Austrian ski fans. Most of them are small hotels run by the family. The owners of these places are a chef, an administrator, relatives are servants, and waiters. Behind the guest house sign, you can find luxury, even a low-budget room.


The main feature of the apartments is that they have their own kitchens. In fact, it is very convenient for families with children to stay in an ordinary apartment. There is no standard in such rooms. If you want to book this type of room, first look at the prices, then read the reviews. Usually, this type of room has all the conditions for family comfort.