Hotel classification and description of stars
Hotel classification and description of stars

Hotel classification and description of stars

You have probably noticed that there are stairs at the entrances to the hotels where you are staying. Are you interested in the number and meaning of these stars? What are these stars indicators of, and what do they mean?

Most hotels in the country have a rating of one to five stars, and the greater the number of stars, the better the place. Living conditions in different categories of complexes differ depending on the improvement of the building, the equipment of the rooms, and the rules of service. In addition, any category of the hotel must be responsible for the safety of valuables, meet safety and hygiene requirements, provide emergency medical care, round-the-clock service, laundry service, postal services.

Qualification of the staff also plays an important role in determining the status: in 1-2 "star" hotels, receptionists must know one foreign language, in 4-5 star hotels it is necessary to know at least four languages. Often the level of the hotel is determined by belonging to prestigious hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, and so on.

Although five stars are considered to be the highest rating, some hotels claim to be of better quality and are labeled as 5 * +, 5 * Deluxe, or even 6 *. However, in some countries, some high-quality hotels are deliberately lowering their ratings from 5 * to 4 * due to tax breaks. In a number of countries, including Azerbaijan, some hotels are not certified by the star rating. This does not mean that the quality of services is zero, but simply they are not evaluated by independent experts.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) emerged in the early twentieth century and tried to bring all systems to a common denominator, which before that different countries used their own hotel classification systems. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has proposed universal criteria for hotels by evaluating with "stars". Each hotel category provides a certain level of service and must meet the standards approved by the WTO.

Although having standards, hotels that officially belong to the same category can be very different not only in different countries but also within the same city. The main reason for this "diversity" is that the "star" certificate is voluntary and subject to payment. Giving a room a category means that it meets international standards. It means the raise of its status and raises of the living costs for customers as well. Although it is useful for the hotel, after a certain period of time the already starred hotel gains a certain reputation, and the owners decide that it is not necessary to confirm the category and renew the certificate, and they are relieved of it. As a result, we (customers) are left with faulty faucets, outdated furniture, less breakfast, and broken air conditioning. Thus, it is worth remembering that the star rating of the hotel is not an indicator of the real level of service.

It should be noted that there are many hotels that can get a certificate for the highest category, but do not do it deliberately in order to minimize taxes, and, conversely, there are many hotels that "get" additional stars to attract additional customers. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, you should not only pay attention to the number of stars but if possible, ask a representative of a travel agency for detailed information about the hotel.

1-star hotels

These often are the lowest quality hotels offering a minimum level of service. The standard double room is less than 10 square meters and has chairs, a bathroom, and a mirror along with a wardrobe or hanger. Two towels are provided for each resident. 1-star hotels have at least two bathrooms and the number of toilets should not be less than one for five rooms. Each floor is provided with a common TV and refrigerator. Cleaning should be done daily, laundry should be changed every 7-8 days, and towels should be changed once every 3-4 days. Meals are generally not provided in such hotels, but sometimes you can buy a simple breakfast for an additional fee. Generally, hotels in this class are small (up to 10 rooms) and located far from any places of interest. Most likely, you will not be able to return to these hotels on foot at night.

2-star hotels

Although two-star hotels are very similar to one-star hotels, each room has its own bathroom and toilet. There may be a TV in the room, but be prepared to pay for remote control. The hotel has a restaurant or a cafe and offers guests a variety of dining options. Bedding is such hotels is changed every 6 days. It is close to excursion routes, so it is often called "tourism class". Night entrance is allowed.

3-star hotels

It is the most popular choice for cheap accommodation. Hotels in this category provide a satisfactory level of service. Room size is 10-12 sq.m. A separate bathroom is required - each room has a toilet and a bathroom, a dressing table, a bathroom - a set of toiletries. The room must be equipped with a TV, telephone, radio, sometimes air conditioning, minibar, and other facilities. Bedding is changed twice a week, towels are changed every day. Breakfast is a must. The hotel has at least one parking lot, restaurant, hairdresser, currency exchange, swimming pool. Hotel staff wears uniforms according to the division of services. Be careful when choosing such a hotel, read the descriptions and reviews, because 3 * hotels are VERY different from each other. The price may depend not only on the level of service but also on the location. There is an example: if the hotel is located in a convenient place, the quality and quantity of services provided there will decrease. One of the most common examples is 3 * hotels in Europe. If the hotel is located in the center, it will be very expensive, you will lift your suitcases without a lift by walking up a spiral staircase, and the view from the window will be to the empty wall of the neighboring building.

4-star hotels

These are hotels that offer high service. Hotels in this category provide a good location in the city center or in the first part of the beach. Rooms of different categories (single, double, family) must have reception staff who speak at least two foreign languages. The area of the rooms is generally at least 13 sq.m. Often 4 * hotels offer studios, suites, etc.

The room has air conditioning, TV, mini bar, long-distance telephone, safe. In a three-star hotel, only soap is provided free of charge, while in the bathroom of a four-star hotel, shampoo, shower gel and hairdryer are available. In Europe, 4 * hotels usually provide gowns and slippers. The rooms are cleaned, bedding and towels are changed every day. In addition to laundry, cleaning, and ironing services, there are many additional services. On the territory of the hotel: laundry, study, breakfast room, restaurant, bar, beauty salon, spa, sauna, swimming pool, fitness center, guarded parking, car rental, game and conference rooms, various entertainment facilities (TV and music hall). For becoming an ideal 4-star hotel, free gyms, courts, and pools, hotel shows, discos are required.

5-star hotels

They are the best hotels according to the international classification of the highest level of service. The size of the room is 16 sq.m., sometimes there is a second bathroom. Everything offered in 4 * hotels is offered at a higher level here. The services provided in 4 * include the availability of several bars and restaurants with different cuisines, a nightclub (sometimes a casino), shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, laundries, dry cleaners, fitness rooms, business centers, and swimming pools. The hotels offer various rooms ranging from single rooms (at least 16 sq.m.) to multi-room apartments. The building itself is equipped with several elevators. There are many rooms for business people with telephone communication, computer, fax and meeting room. The rooms have individual air conditioning, minibar, telephone, LCD TV, etc. The large bathroom is equipped with a bidet, a spacious bedroom, a Jacuzzi, and a separate shower. The client is offered a wide range of cosmetics, as well as gowns and slippers. The bathroom is usually equipped with the necessary items, including a hairdryer and an iron. Depending on the dreams of the hotel owner, a number of exclusive services are offered - golf courses, helicopter pad, spas, massage parlors, shops, discos, concert halls, etc. The top category of 5 * hotels is currently located in the UAE.