Cuisine of Tovuz

As in every region of Azerbaijan, the Tovuz region has its own specific types of food. It includes pastry, cereals, greens (different edible greens), and potato dishes.

Guru (dried) hingal 

Tovuz is considered to be the homeland of the dried (guru) hingal, so it is a sin not to taste the famous dried hingal while traveling to Tovuz. You will probably not forget the taste of dried hingal for a long time. Khangali is sometimes served with potatoes.

There are dishes that are mostly cooked and eaten in Tovuz. Fasali (cinnamon roll), puff pastry, koramaz(a dish of milk mixed with yogurt), noodles (noodle dishes), dishes made from different types of edible greens - spinach, sickleweed, chickweed and others.