Cuisine of Zagatala

Zakatala's cuisine is also unique. The pastry is usually preferred in the area. For example, Dry Meat (Qaxach), Dumplings.

Sulhullu is a regular winter meal in Zagatala. Preparing is not so difficult. In summer, the meat is seasoned with salt and then dried. Of course, this does not end there. This process continues until the meat has totally dried. Even in the villages, the meat is dried in heat of the woodstove. The meat should dry so that it does not contain water.

Mixing Maxara-flour with milk on saj for dough (bread) baking. According to a tradition maxaras are cooked under a roof while it's raining. The real maxara is cooked on a saj. Saj is heated and butter melts on it. Pour 1 cup of flour on a saj, then fry both sides of the dough. Line with honey and serve the table.

Khingal is slightly different from manti baking. The manti need to be steamed in a special steamed saucepan but not khingal. For khingal, minced meat is put into the square-shaped dough after the process of rolling out and cutting it into pieces. Khingal can be steamed in an ordinary saucepan.

In Baku, it's called Qutab but in Zagataka kyata. Different Kyatas with pumpkin, meat, greens, and so on are served to your liking. For tea, we would recommend walnut jam.