Cuisine in Gakh

Gakh is famous for its unique cuisine. Meat drying and the cooking“Surfullu” from dried meat is a famous meal of mountain village people.

Generally, the mountain population has a wide range of pastry food like plov, khingal, girs, etc. Lots of nuts and walnuts are added to sweets, so unique flavor can be felt.

A number of dishes are made from dried meat. These are Qakhach and Dry Dolma, Shorbali Khingal, Surhullu, Shor gurzesi.  There are many types of plov in Gakh. Plov with dried meat, Chicken - walnut plov, Sabzali pilov, Chigirtmali plov, Mulberry plov.  Nut gurza, Walnut jam, Nettle kyat.      

The Gakh region is known for its nuts, hazelnuts, and gakhach. Gakhach production in Gakh comes from ancient times. Livestock is developed because it is a mountainous area. In the cold and harsh winter, people would provide food for themselves. Examples of gakhach, various dried fruit (gakh), jams. Gakhach was full-calorie and during long winters people used it for feeding themselves.