Cuisine of Gusar

You will be pleased with travelling to Gusar. If you visit the Lezgins' home, for example, you will witness the pure Eastern hospitality and you will always be able to enjoy the dishes. At this point, they are making their own Lezghi gutab- "afar".

Women make thin slices of dough-yukha, then fill it with dried cheese or shor mixed with greens picked in the backyard and the mountains. Then they put yukha on a Lezgi stove-kharay. 

In every cafe in the Gusar region, as well as in other regions where the Lezgins live, you can order a pichekar, aluqu or shakuku. Liquid dishes made from mutton or beef will be served to you with bread (khran fu) in a special Lezgi oven (kharak or Khar). The oven, which is reminiscent of the Azerbaijani tandir, is in square shape unlike it. Not only bread, but other pastry dishes of Lezgi cuisine are also cooked in this oven. Bread will stay at room temperature for 7 days and 15-20 days in the refrigerator. Sometimes the bread is removed from kharak, cooked with cheese and eggs (Lezgi paste), and baked again for a few minutes.

 In these places are also cooked Lezgi Qutab - afar. The dough is rolled out and small sliced herbs, hard cheese, mixture of shor are added. The afar differs for its unique taste. The most popular dish-skan, is also cooked in a kharak. Put fried minced meat and chopped potatoes into rolled out dough. Add a layer of thin dough (lavash) and cook for an hour in kharak. Ingredients may differ, including cheese and chicken. In any case, this food is delicious!