Cuisine in Baku

Baku offers everything that will suit the interests of all tourists from unusual buildings to incredibly delicious cuisine. Baku restaurants offer a wide range of cuisine.

The most common dishes in the kitchen are barbecue and tandoor. Some of the typical Azerbaijani dishes, such as kebab or tea can be found elsewhere, but tasting them in Azerbaijan is a different feeling.

Today, Baku restaurants serve a variety of national and international cuisines to suit everyone's budget. Don't leave Baku without trying some of the following traditional dishes.

Pilaf is one of the most popular dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine. There are several types of pilaf and unlike other cuisines, rice is cooked separately.

Kebabs are usually made from lamb, goat, veal, chicken, and vegetables. They are usually served with many sauces and spices.

Yaprak Dolma - Azerbaijani dolma has a unique taste and appearance. The grape leaves are stuffed delicately with meat and delicious herbs.