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What is the most widely spoken foreign language in Azerbaijan? Can I use only English?

 Most of the young generation in Baku understands English. However, this does not apply to regions. It is recommended that you use the services of a guide/translator.

 Azerbaijan is one of the democratic countries, where you can dress as you want, taking into account the ethical norms of the outfits. However, it is advisable to cover your head when entering religious places - mosques and shrines.

No. Please refrain from drinking alcohol in public places. It is recommended to consume alcoholic beverages only in restaurants, pubs, and clubs.

Azerbaijan is a perfect country for older guests with its leisure parks, recreation centers, sanatoriums, and beautiful beaches. Meeting high standards Sanatoriums and hotels have recently been opened in Galaalti and Naftalan.

For long distances, traveling by rail or air is a good choice. All major luxury hotels offer transfer services. It is advisable to rent a car and travel as a group to visit the destinations. It is advisable to use a taxi or public transport within the city.

Museums usually open at 10:00. However, we recommend visiting the places page for information on opening times. You can also contact museums directly.

Baku is an animal-loving city. However, some hotels do not allow the keeping of pets. Please take this into account this in advance.

The main emergency telephone numbers in the country: Fire Service 101; Police 102; Ambulance 103; Ministry of Emergency Situations 112.

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