Sports in Baku

Baku offers a wide range of opportunities for football, water sports, golf, and shooting.

Since 2016, Baku has become one of the few cities in the world to host Formula 1 races. In June 2015, the first European Games were held in Baku.

2017 Islamic Solidarity Games or IV Islamic Solidarity Games (unofficial name Baku 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games) - was a multinational, multi-sport tournament held on May 12-22, 2017 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix Formula 1 is ​​one of the largest sporting events in the Caucasus, showing the beautiful streets of Baku to the world's cameras.

Wrestling remains a historically important sport in Azerbaijan and is often even mentioned as a national sport. Both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling are popular.

Shooting. This type of outdoor activity is ideal for both beginners (both girls and boys) and professionals. Shooting Complexes meet modern standards and operate in Baku (Baku Shooting Center) and Gabala (Gabala Shooting Club).

Chess is a popular game and Azerbaijan hosts many international chess tournaments and competitions.

Rhythmic gymnastics has developed rapidly in Azerbaijan in recent years. The country hosts many prestigious international sports competitions.