Cuisine of İsmayilli

Ismayilli is known for its cheese and honey. The cuisine reflects the traditions of our people that have evolved over thousands of years, Each region of Azerbaijan has its own unique cuisine and taste.

Shah plov, Dolma, Kabab from lamb prepared in tandir are the main dishes.

The region is rich in mineral waters, which are important for treatment.  “Namazgah” water in Namazgah village of Ismayilli region is very pure, odorless, and colorless. “Bado” water in the Ismayilli region has a very therapeutic effect.

Ismayilli restaurants offer a great variety of food. The cuisine is infused with flavors and dishes from Turkish cuisines. It’s most famous for its kebab, dolma, plov, dovga. The food on menus in Ismayilli holiday resorts is very often seasonal.