Ismayilli is known for attracting tourists who love nature, wooden bridges and breathtaking canyons created by nature.

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  • Azerbaijan
  • Ismayilli
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  • 2074.00 km2
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Tourists want to get in touch with nature and history, not too far from the city. Located 185 km from Baku, the Ismayilli region is one of the perfect tourist destinations with its breathtaking landscapes.

With the aim of protecting and increasing the number of animals and birds, the Ismayilli State Reserve was established, which covers an area of 34 400 hectares. The reserve is home to such animals as roe deer, Caucasian deer, wild boar, lynx, forest cat, raccoon, etc.

İn addition to Azerbaijanis, representatives of other nations and ethnic groups with a multicultural culture live in the region. In Ivanovka village, for example, there are descendants of Molokans who migrated from Russia. Tat people live in the village of Lahij, which is 1200 meters above sea level. Copper craft Lahij, as well as Basqal's "Kelagai" art, are included in the list of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The Ismayilli region has unique nature, this place isn't called a resort for anything. Along with Kurtmashi and Gubahalilly villages, where snow lies no more than a week in the winter, there is also Kalajukh village 30 degrees frost isn't uncommon. The South is covered by steppes, while the north is surrounded by mountains, where the snow doesn't come off the top.

The main and very important criterion for the value of the Ismayilli region is its unique nature. It is not for nothing that the area is called a resort. Natural zones - antipodes manage to be located here. Along with the villages of Kurtmashy and Gubakhalilli, where snow lasts no more than a week in winter, there is the village of Kalajukh, where frosts of 30 degrees are not uncommon. Along with the steppes in the south, the northern part of the region is surrounded by mountains on the tops of which snow practically does not melt. There are medieval fortresses in the villages of Talistan and Khanaqah, and the village of Lagich is known far beyond the borders of the republic, thanks to the copper craftsmen.

Mostly useful to visitors as a transport hub for reaching Lahıc but it's intriguing in its own right for its long, almost comical stretches of the fortress-style wall which have absolutely no historical context, though there is a small castle ruin in the forests at Talistan.

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