The city is famous for the largest reservoir called the "Mingachevir Sea" by the population, which supplies water to the surrounding areas of the Republic.

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The city is famous for the largest reservoir called the "Mingachevir Sea" by the population, which supplies water to the surrounding areas of the Republic. The tourist base, located near the shore of the reservoir, offers a magnificent view of the sandy beach.

In the coastal areas, especially in the shallows, the water turns turquoise, gradually darkens and turns navy blue in the center of the reservoir, so the general view of the bay is reminiscent of the French Riviera and even tropical beaches. The bay is also rich in terms of wildlife.

Mingachevir Boulevard is located on the shores of the Kura, which divides the city into two parts and covers a large part of it. The city begins at the Kura Bridge and extends to the Rowing Base. There is also a rowing center in the area.

The city, which has a history of more than 4,500 years, is chosen by tourists not only for the "sea" but also for a number of monuments of the second millennium in the Mingachevir region. The exposition of the local history museum, which is located in the city, reflects the rich history of the region.

In the chronicles, Mingachevir marked as the center of handicraft workshops, trade facilities, baths, etc. The population of the city has been completely settled on the left bank of the Kura since the XVIII century. Today, Mingachevir is a major industrial center, ranking fourth after the industrial cities of Azerbaijan, Baku, Sumgayit, and Ganja.

The largest hydroelectric power station in the Caucasus Mingechevir hydroelectric power station (Mingechevir hydroelectric power station) is a hydroelectric power plant in Azerbaijan on the Kura River, near the city of Mingechevir.

The Mingachevir Dam (Mingachevir Hydro Power Station) is an earth-fill embankment dam on the Kura River just north of Mingachevir in Azerbaijan. It serves several purposes to include hydroelectric power production and water storage for irrigation.

The list of records is continued by the Mingachevir dam, one of the largest in the world is 81 meters high, 1,550 meters long, and has a volume of 15.6 million cubic meters. The largest artificial lake (reservoir) with an area of ​​605 square kilometers has been created in Azerbaijan.

Funny statues, chandeliers, and fountains, children's playgrounds with swings and carousels, various outdoor simulators for those who like to play in the fresh air have been installed in this recreation area, which is favored by residents and visitors. There are many comfortable cafes in the park. By sitting there, you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the river bay. After leaving the cafe, you can directly go to the river bridge where the boats are located. You can take a multi-seat (about 50 people) boat. It will take you from the Boulevard to the HPP without haste along the Kura River. Speedboat enthusiasts can use the services of 2 and 10 person boats. It should be noted that all passengers are provided with life jackets for safety. At present, the construction of a cableway over the Kura in the park is continuing. The 212-meter-long cable car is planned to transport up to 1,000 people a day with the help of two elevators.

Currently, the city has five world-class hotels and recreation centers, which can accommodate hundreds of tourists at the same time.