Gakh, located on the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. From its gently attractive center, the town struggles up through beautiful landscapes towards İlisu (15km north), the former capital of a historic sultanate and touted, somewhat over-grandly, as a ‘mini-Switzerland’

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  • Azerbaijan
  • Gakh
  • 55600 PERSON
  • 1494.00 km2
  • Azerbaijani
  • Manat
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Gakh has a dry subtropical,  moderately warm in the center, and old climate in the mountains. The southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus are inhabited by such wild animals as deer, grass, mountain goats, bears, wild boars, etc. Most of the forests and mineral springs are of great therapeutic value within the region. 

The most popular of these are Oglan Bulag (Boy springs), Giz Bulag (Girl Springs), and Hamam Bulag (Bath Springs). Only the spring near the village of Suskend is more widely used. On its basis, there is a sanatorium that operates, and drinking water "Gakh" is produced.

One of the main tourist attractions of the region is the mountain village of Ilisu, located 12 km north-west of the city at an altitude of 1400-1600m above sea level. The village is located on the bank of the Kurmuk River, on the southern slope of the main Caucasus range, on a river terrace surrounded by mountains from all sides.

 In addition to its charming nature, the village is known for its waterfall of the same name. Gakh is also loved for its kitchen. So, it has delicious surhullu, khingilli, ghirs food.

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