Gabala is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan and is the capital of the ancient Caucasian Albanian state in the foothills of the Greater Caucasus, in the picturesque region of the Tufan Mountains.

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Here you can find walnut and chestnut forests conserved for centuries, fresh, mountain air, flowing rivers, waterfalls, and blue lakes. The most spectacular climber road in Azerbaijan extends to the highest Bazarduzu peak of the Gabala Mountains, and the historic "Alexander Duma in the Caucasus" route passes through the Gabala region.

At the foot of the mountains, the chestnut forest at an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level is the richness of the region. The area is rich with walnut and chestnut forests, each of them is about 500 years old. In the spring, you can find chestnut trees that are in blossom. Some of these trees are under state protection.

The city is one of the main centers of winter tourism. 5-star hotels and recreation centers are being built in the city and outskirts.  The Gabala International Music Festival is held here every summer with the participation of famous musicians, artists, and art groups from all over the world. Visitors to Gabala in August can visit the International Jam Festival to taste unusual jams.

The State Historical and Cultural Reserve with an area of 480 hectares also in the Gabala region. The reserve consists of three main parts called Jackal, Salbir, and Gala.

Must-see places of Gabala: "Gabaland" Entertainment Center, Nohurgol, Vendam village, Laza village, Seven beautiful waterfalls, Mujug waterfall, Ancient Nic temple, "Chestnut forest", Duruja village, Tufandag winter-summer tourist recreation complex

You can also enjoy a boat ride around Lake Nohur, Russian Forest, Bunud Forest.

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Ruma Zeytun

Ruma Zeytun