Known as the “hazelnut capital” of the country, Zagatala is one of the main centres of environmental tourism. Located 430 km away from Baku, on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus range. About half of Zagatala's territory is covered with forests.

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  • Azerbaijan
  • Zagatala
  • 18277 PERSON
  • 1348.00 km2
  • Azerbaijani
  • Manat
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Azerbaijan’s Zaqatala region, known for its diverse natural wealth. The region with a humid subtropical climate, where the weather is cold in the mountains and hot in the plains. Existing climatic conditions make this city a mountain resort.

Zagatala State Reserve is located on the southern slopes of the main Caucasus Mountains. If you travel on foot and horseback along the tourist paths, you can observe the animals and birds that live there, take their photos and videos. These routes have suitable places for tourists to relax and stay.

Zagatala is also an international district. Along with Azerbaijanis, there are representatives of more than 20 nations - Avars, Lezgins, Russians, Tatars, Ingiloy people, and other minorities.

There are many historical and cultural monuments in the region.