Cultural life of Gusar

Gusar's cultural life is very rich. Ethnographically rich Gusar is one of the regions where the traditions of carpet weaving have been established and developed.

The most popular type of carpet weaving in Gusar is carpet weaving. The sumach style carpets woven in both home and downtown workshops are more widespread. The carpet workshop has the largest weaving machine in Azerbaijan. It can employ as many people as it can at the same time.

There are many musical groups in the city, including the Lezginka folklore ensemble. Lezginka is a well-known national dance throughout the Caucasus accompanied by drums and accordion.

Lermontov House Museum. The Russian poet Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov was deported to the Caucasus and lived in Gusar in 1837, with his anti-monarchy speeches and the love of freedom. He wrote "Caucasian captive" and a Turkish fairy tale: "Ashig Garib here.  In Gusar, Lermontov's friend military doctor Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Alexandrovich Marshevin lived in his house. In memory of M.Lermontov's visit to Gusar.