Gusar is one of the centres of ancient folk art, carpet weaving, sewing and wood carving. Due to its geographical position, it is called Azerbaijan's Northern Gate. It is bordered by the Republic of Dagestan of the Russian Federation.

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Bazarduzu (4466 m) and Shahdag (4242 m) peaks, as well as the famous Shahnabad plateau in the area of this region, are the highest points in Azerbaijan.

Four of the nine climate zones in the Republic of Azerbaijan are in the territory of Gusar. Favorable natural conditions create excellent opportunities for the establishment of recreation centers, areas, and tourism complexes in this area. 

The Shahdag Tourism Center, which operates all year round, is very popular. It is a popular ski resort in winter and a summer camp in the Great Caucasus mountain range. 

The villages are an excellent choice for tourists who prefer ecological tourism. One Part of Gusar is a part of Shahdag National Park, the largest area of Azerbaijan, which covers seven districts.

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