Sport in Gusar

Gusar offers a wealth of opportunities for hiking, winter sports, spa retreats, mountaineering, and skiing.

Laza high mountain village in the area. Laza is located on a mountain trough 1300m above sea level on the caravan road to the southwest and northeast of the Greater Caucasus. The village has beautiful views over the mountains. Many waterfalls flow from the cliffs. The waterfalls are only accessible on a  horse and foot. The races of Climbing frozen waterfalls take place in winter. A large number of waterfalls flow through the rocky walls. 

Ethnic Lezghians, who are affiliated with Caucasian Albania, live in the village. Even ancient authors have written about Caucasian tribes in the northern part of Azerbaijan, including legi, probably the ancestors of the modern Lezgins.                                                                        

Walking and mountaineering. particular, it is possible to organize some inter-village routes for walking in Guba-Shahdag-Gusar and Lahij regions as well as short mountain hikes in Zagatala. The most interesting opportunities for climbers is the Shahdag National Park. While access to the highest peaks there is limited,  maybe there will be opportunities for the coming years.

Horse riding. Horse riding is for tourists of all ages who want to enjoy the beautiful mountain views of Shahdag. Don't worry, no initial training is required, our professional trainers will help you during your trip.

Shahdag Mountain Resort

The Shahdag tourist complex, the first ski resort in Azerbaijan, is named after the Shahdag Mountain in the Gusar region, northeast of the Shahdag National Park. Shahdag has pistes for both beginners and true professionals - 14 ski slopes of varying lengths extend up to 17 kilometers. Each trail is prepared with the help of artificial snow generators, which extends the ski season for a longer time and improves the quality of the pistes. Today, the complex includes four high-quality hotels built in accordance with European standards, and people can come in summer when want to do such activities as horseback riding, four-bike riding, and playing paintball.  There are outdoor activities, including bike rides and organized hikes during the summer.