Sports in Gakh

The historic and geographical features of the Gakh region have great tourism potential. Ilisu has all kinds of natural conditions for mountain tourism and mountaineering.

Ilisu State Reserve was established in the area of 93 km2 (36 sq mi) in 1987 in the Qakh region, Azerbaijan. It aims to protect natural complexes of southern slopes of Major Caucasus, to preserve rare and endangered flora and fauna, to restore forests, and prevent erosion of soil and flood. The reserve accounts for 500 plant species with nearly 60 species of endemic ones. One can come across such animals as roe deer, wild boar, and chamois.

 If you travel on foot and horseback along the tourist paths, you can observe the animals and birds that live there, take their photos and videos. These routes have suitable places for tourists to relax and stay.

The village of Ilisu, located on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus, has a very rich fauna. For instance, Deer, mountain goats, bears, wild boars, etc. 

The fact that it has historically developed people's interest in hunting. In this area with impassable and hard-to-reach mountains, hunting is extremely dangerous. Hunting is only possible under the supervision of professional hunters. Unlike modern times, hunting in Ilisu in the past has been systematic and uncontrolled, and for that time there has been a dramatic decline in the number of hunting animals. Some animals became extinct. Panthers are an example of this. Qaflan Mountain and Qaflan valley, located in southeastern Ilisu, was the habitat of panthers.