Sport in Lerik

Lerik is also known as one of the oldest settlements. The primitive people used the natural caves as a habitat that still exist in the foothills of the mountains. Walking into the caves is an interesting activity


Some of these caves are thought to have belonged to the early Bronze Age. In the mountains, there are material and cultural monuments of III-II millennium BC. On the left bank of the Zuvand river is a cave with the same name. Above it, the Buzeyir cave is one of the oldest human camps found in the southern zone. The largest cave is 1 km long and the smallest is 5-6 meters. During the excavations, stone and hunting tools were found inside the cave. Although the entrance to the caves is very small, its height is 2-2.5 meters. On the way to the Buzeyir cave, you can stop at the so-called "Mountain Gate".

One of the 7 caves which are at an altitude of 1,640 meters, is called "Jin." You have to bend over to get there. But the inside is huge. According to local residents, the cave is the size of the banquet hall. Height is about 2 meters. Although the cave has an entrance, there is no exit. Therefore, there is a lack of oxygen inside. It is not possible to light matches, they will  immediately extinguish. In the past, people believed that there was a demon in the cave. It was believed that the demon blew on matches. The mountain has an interesting structure on where the cave is located. The mountain is called Delikdag.