Sports in Guba

The National Golf Club is located in Guba in the north-west of Azerbaijan, at the foot of the breathtaking Caucasus Mountains. Designed by John Hunt of International Golf Design, this was the first golf course to open in the Land of Fire.

Dreamland Golf Club the leading golf course in Azerbaijan complies with international PGA standards and is open to non-members.

During the summer of 2014 and less than two months after its official unveiling, it was the host venue for the country’s inaugural professional event, the Azerbaijan Challenge Open.

A fully equipped purpose-built clubhouse offers luxurious locker rooms, a professional shop to suit every golfer's needs, and a truly unique dining experience that enhances the experience at The National Azerbaijan Golf Club.

The welcoming interiors and magnificent views of the golf course with its charming surrounding landscape offer something for every taste persuasion.  Positioned within 75 hectares of idyllic Azerbaijani topography, the undulating fairways and deep bunkers are stand-out features that create a lasting impression on the eye.

Imaginatively and despite its championship credentials, landing zones, approaches, and greens remain accessible, leading to a “look hard, play easy feel” which maximizes enjoyment amongst all players. The best seasons are March-April and October.


Azerbaijan has a lot of historical places and early foci of the origin of civilization, but there is a place that is expertly hidden from human eyes. Deep in the vast expanses of the Caucasus Range at the height of 2100-2200 m above sea level,  the high mountain village of Khnalyg has been proudly standing for 5,000 years. Now there are about 380 houses, which are 200-300 years old.

 Its inhabitants, the Khalaly people, contrary to all the laws of civilization, live their own lives. The uniqueness of these people lies in the fact that they have no associated ethnic groups and are one of a kind. The Khinaligians call proudly their village Kyat and themselves the kyats. They claim to be direct descendants of Noah himself. 

Due to the fact that the landscape cant makes the full placement of houses, they are built on top of each other, that is, one house is the roof and the yard of another. This undoubtedly breaks all the stereotypes of construction, but as noted above Khnalyg is the site of contradictions.

In 2007, Khinalig village was declared the State Historical, Architectural, and Ethnographic Reserve.  This place is an excellent choice for Ecotourism lovers.