The ancient Azerbaijani city Shamakhi is the capital of the Shirvan province, the residence of the Shirvanshah state and the most beautiful city in the East.

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 Shamakhi has everything for tourism development: mild climate, picturesque nature, unique landscapes, numerous historical and architectural monuments.

From the middle of the 18th century - the center of the Shirvanshahs khanate.It is known as the center of carpet weaving and the closest city to the Great Silk Road.

Shamakhi was one of the cities in the South Caucasus where silk production and trade were concentrated in the 16th century.The nature of this region, its mild climate and mineral springs give specific beauty to it. 

The weather here is neither frosty nor very hot. Oak, nut and hornbeam forests, green meadows and shrub and other vegetation surround the magnificent mountains starting from the spring to the autumn. 

State Reserve is located in this area. It was established in the forest region, the south-eastern part of the Greater Caucasus. More than 60 species of beautiful trees grow in the reserve. The northern part of the region is mainly mountainous. 

One of the most popular tourist areas is the village of Pirgulu. At present, one of the largest astrophysical observatory in the world named after N. Tusi is located in the village of Pirgulu. Mountanious village Pirgulu is the great place for lovers of winter vacations.

More than 50 names of medicinal plants are grown in Shamakhi region. The richness of forests is ideal for the survival of animals and birds here.

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Shamakhi Palace Sharadil

Shamakhi Palace Sharadil