Cuisine of Lerik

The cuisine of the Lerik region, which is included in the unique rich cuisine of the southern zone, is also colorful.

Lavangi food is the first to come to mind in the cuisine of Lerik. The peculiarity of this dish is that it is stuffed with chicken or fish with nuts and other spices. Kuku is one of the oldest dishes. If you add a lot of herbs it will be sabzi Kuku, if you add eggplants it will be eggplant Kuku, if you add peas, it will be pea Kuku. Cooked fish and chicken breasts can be added too. The most common Kuku is lavangi Kuku.

Rice dishes - plov with raisin, pumpkin plov, lerge plov, pakhla plov, plov potato, milky plov, and other types of plovs are the basis of our cuisine. Lavangi, parcha bozbash, juje(chicken) chigirtmasi, choban bozartmasi, pastry dishes, kebabs,  and other dishes are also highly appreciated. Lavash, tandir bread, Qutab with herbs or meat, sweets like zeren, eyirdek, flour, and rice halva, jams like quince, pear, strawberry, apricot, rose raspberries.

Ayran plov is a favorite dish. Although it looks like dovga, it differs from it. Especially, in the spring and summer, dishes from herbs are predominant. Greens that grow in the forest or in the garden, are picked up and after that tere, kata are cooked. Onions, garlic, mint, thyme are indispensable in the kitchen of Lerik. They cook wild animals  meat like rabbit's