Lerik is located in the south of Azerbaijan, at the peak of the Talish Mountains. Lerik is also known for its longevity and has a museum dedicated to a hundred years old region.

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In and around Lerik there are numerous points from which to savor wide panoramas over highland fields and serrated crags.

In order to preserve the relict flora and fauna of the Talysh forests, it must be transformed into a national park or nature park, like the Carpathian forests. The abundance of mineral and other drinking water serves as a target for this ... " Hasan Aliyev, an academic and honored scientist, has described the natural beauty of this place:

Lerik is truly an ideal place for relaxation among the mountains. It is a place of natural beauty making you come back to this place again. It is located in a subtropical climate zone. The area is famous for its rare springs.

Out of the 11 climatic conditions on Earth, 8 were found in Lerik. The climate of Lerik is moderately warm, moderately cold, dry, and cold. Most part of the area is characterized by a mildly warm and humid climate.

Lerik is well-known for its high-quality therapeutic waters such as "Buludul", "Zaringala", "Zuvand", "Hansu", "Hanbulaq".

Due to its charming and magnificent nature, the tourist industry has been developing in recent years.

Tourist centers were created for receiving more than 600 guests, at the same time for receiving more than 400 at “Relax”- vacation and recreation center. Additionally, there are all conditions for tourism development in Zuvand, Bursulum, Livadirga, Orand, Nucci, and other areas of the region.