Sports in Sheki

Sports in Sheki

The nature of the northern region of Azerbaijan, including Sheki, offers endless spectacular walking opportunities. Travelers who like to go for a walk can choose one of several routes:

First route. Tourists can visit the ruins of the Albanian church on the outskirts of the Bash village by taking the bus at 09:30 and 15:00 to Bash Kyungut. Then they can take a taxi or a local bus to Bideiz to visit the two Albanian ruins of the city. The walking part of the route starts from here because the two ruins are 5 km apart from each other. After reaching Bideiz village, you can return to Sheki by car.

Second route. From Sheki city center you can take bus number 7, which runs every half hour and get off the bus when it reaches the last bus stop. After that, it is possible to continue walking along the road and the river. This road takes you from Kish to Gelersen-Gorersen Fortress. It takes about two hours to get to the castle. There is an (indoor) tea house 15 minutes away from the castle that can be a place for the rest before getting up and down the castle. From the castle, you can see a view of the Kish River. 

Third route. This road passes through the Keshnazar valley, where a beautiful view opens. You can relax in the cabin of the "Hunter's House", then walk to the ancient castle at the top of the steep peak. 

Forth route. Take a taxi to Ortazeyzit and then ask where the two churches are. The road leading from two ancient Albanian churches to the Khan Yaylagi peak takes a long way. After Khan Yaylagi you will reach Markhal recreation center, where several restaurants serve delicious kebabs and tea. From this area, you can reach Sheki by car or by bus number 15 or 23 from the Kish road.