Open for yourself ancient castles, magnificent beaches and a lively nightlife on the Turkish coast.

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  • Turkey
  • Bodrum
  • 171850 PERSON
  • 557.00 km2
  • Turkish
  • Lira

If you are planning to relax in the magnificent resort towns the port city of Turkey Bodrum is an excellent choice with perfect beaches and rich heritage.  If you are looking for the recreation center,  or if you are interested in the nightlife of Turkey, then this city is a suitable area for your interest.

Located in the southwestern region of Turkey, Bodrum is famous for hosting some of the world's ancient wonders, and provides a holiday trip into history and culture.

Bodrum offers the vacation on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean sea with the clear waters like flowery Bitez or modern Gumbet. The clean waters are perfect for diving and snorkelling, while jeep riding and horseback riding are also good for having fun.

A vacation will give you a chance to get acquainted with the heritage of the city. The tomb of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, is located in this town and is a small open-air museum. The magnificent structure attracts people from afar; its reputation as an architectural marvel is still strong. Another highlight of a perfect  vacation is the famous Peter's Fortress and the Museum of Underwater Archeology located in this place.

Although it is known as a large shopping  and yacht center, its  nightlife and cuisine are renowed. It would be embarrassing to go without tasting the delicious Mediterranean and Aegean cuisine. Eat by the sea as the sun sets and explore more about Bodrum nightlife.