Most resorts have their own features that distinguish them from other places. In the center of the street there are several sarcophagi, which make Fethiye unique.

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These stone sarcophagi are carved in the traditional Lycian style and scattered throughout Fethiye. The best of them are located on the main alley of the city and one on the middle of the road leading to the graves. It is the hidden stones in the city of Fethiye that make it such an interesting and unique place of Turkey.

Fethiye has an incredible story. The most impressive and admirable are Lucian tombs built on rocks, and еру the worshippers had to go into the depths of the abyss to get to these ancient tombs. The tombs are in very good condition. Together with its history,there are many kinds of sports in Fethiye. The blue lagoon, which is warm a year round, is ideal for swimming, scuba diving and windsurfing. You can travel on the Lycian route; This 500-kilometer journey begins in Fethiye and ends in Antalya. For those who are especially brave, Fethiye is one of the best places in Europe for parachuting. Besides, you can enjoy the flight on the horizon with the pilot.

Holidays in Fethiye - an excellent way to see a little unusual part of Turkey. The city with its turquoise beaches is beautiful and unique.